Monday, September 29, 2008

Living in the moment

I've often heard the benefits of living in the moment, but I'm not sure living NOW is all that. We watched Amazing Race last night and saw a surge of emotions. One couple started out loving and ended up yelling at each other, other couple did their best to be supportive ("honey, I love you, but if you don't hurry up..."), and others were just all over the board. I thought about that this morning as Elliot and I started our day together. We get up and I'm thrilled to start a new day with him, knowing that Eric is working and I'm not going anywhere, so it's just me and Elliot ALL DAY! Yeah! We start breakfast and he eats really good with his spoon, except the part when I was refilling his juice cup and didn't realize he was spooning milk from his bowl into his hair. Kinda frustrating but kinda cute. We move on. Getting him dressed was a bit of a struggle as he's quickly learning his ability to not do what I ask him to. This is very frustrating and getting him dressed takes twice as long, and by the time we are done, I don't really want to go for a walk anymore. So just before 9am I've felt joy, love, frustration, and more. If I had lived in the moment, then the times of frustration could have been a lot worse - right? But since I allow (yeah, like I do it on purpose) my day to mix and emotions to overlap, the frustrations were always preceded or proceeded with happier thoughts.

Perhaps I'm looking at the whole "now" thing wrong. But either way, I'm sure glad I have loving thoughts before and after anger, or Elliot might end up like this kid:

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nathan said...

haha one time I came home and Ava's diaper was duck taped on. I am sure that child was being dad watched. Nice of him to tape a toy up with him.