Friday, January 16, 2009

I don't want to dye!

Okay, so I just finished pulling 6 (that's right six! More than one hand of fingers) gray hairs from my head. Up until now I knew exactly where the 2 gray hairs were on my head. And I know there are more than 6 today b/c I saw them, but I just decided it was better to have a gray hair than no hair.

I remember being little and looking at my grandmother and thinking her gray hair was beautiful! I remember telling her that I couldn't wait to have gray hair like her's because it was so pretty and shiny. Yeah... I can wait now. I still think gray hair is beautiful, but I don't think it's beautiful on ME! Come on! I'm 28! Can't I at least get to 30? Or 40 even?! I suppose I have to either deal with it or start dishing out the coin for hair dye. I don't want to do either. Humpht!

Okay, there is my pity party post. I'm off to mope in a dark room with no mirrors or tweezers.


Jamie said...

that is hecka funny! You are beautiful and im sure your husband will go bald before you are all gray so you will always look younger than him. haha.

Candace said...

Best blog title award!

Bobby has had grays since he was 18. You guys can cry about it together! ;)