Thursday, March 5, 2009

What ever happened to the Slurpee?

Tonight I had the biggest craving for a Slurpee but couldn't find one. We actually drove to a handful of places and couldn't find them. I found Freezies and other wannabees, but not the Slurpee.

You know what I'm talkin' about! The kind you would rummage through your couch to find extra change just so you could rush to the closest gas station for a cup of multi-layered refreshment. You'd find the biggest cup you could and then place the dome top on and fill it until Splurpee oozed out the top. Then you could eat it with the coolest straw/spoon thingy that was only slighty annoying when you got to the bottom and the spoon got in the way of the straw function. But they were syrupy and crunchy and they'd give you the best sugar high. It would hit the spot every time.

Now all I can find are those ridiculous Icies. Only half sweet and filled with weird foam or air so you are kinda burping for an hour after you're done - not really burping and accomplishing anything - just kinda burping. It's just not worth it.

Where did all the Slurpee's go?!?! I miss the Slurpee. If anyone knows where they still exist - contact me immediately.

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