Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will You Marry Me?

Four years ago today Eric made a surprise visit down to Mill Valley from Redding and sent me on a scavenger hunt all around my campus that ended at Pelican Bay - a restaurant on the water in Sausalito. I walked in and was told the man at the bar was waiting for me. I looked over and saw a hairy, older Asian man drinking beer... the waiter laughed and apologized when he realized Eric had been seated and I was NOT excited to see the guy chugging beer at the bar. Eric gave me the best hug ever, bought me crab cakes, and so sweetly and nervously got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Less than five months later we were married in beautiful Kauai. Less than a year later we found out I was pregnant. Nine months later Elliot was born and added to the joy that is our family. And next week we'll get to celebrate two years of baby kisses. What a beautiful life.


Moseley said...

YAY Scavenger hunts!! Works every time!! that's a great story. I love those marriage stories. You guys rule. Thanks for making this Valentines Day so amazing. You guys have been great friends, and we appreciate you so much and are so thankful for you guys.

Ashish Jessica and Priya said...

If you're at church tomorrow, let's see if we can find a time to get together! :) I'd love to spend some time with you! :)

Candace said...

Oh my goodness! A Kauai wedding?! I'd love to see those photos!