Friday, February 13, 2009


So I went to the gym today for the second time. It was a mixed experience. After finding out that the Hartley's and the Bram's are members there, it was fun to watch Nate walk out as I walked in. Looks like that is the gym of choice for the Stirringites. Perhaps we can find workout buddies. One notch on the "yea" side.

I did ZUMBA for the first time today and loved it. I didn't wear enough deodorant though, so that didn't help me make any friends while I was there. Cei la vie. (Wow, spell check didn't pick up any of those words - did I really spell that right? Cool.) Zumba was so much fun and I loved seeing women in their 60's shake it next to women in their 20's. And boy was it a workout! Who knew!?!? One more notch for "yea" with a note to bring more deodorant.

I went to see how Eric was doing and while we were talking near the kid's area, we saw Elliot escape with another child after an older kid left w/o closing the door. The supervisor didn't notice immediately but when she did she corralled the Elliot and the other child back into the room. No go for Elliot though, he saw his freedom get taken away and I'm pretty sure saw his parents too. Letting our child escape gives one notch on the "boo" side of our tally sheet for the gym.

I think working out there could be great, but we are still rather undecided and only have about a week left on our free pass. I really want a place to workout that has childcare so I can go anytime I want and this place could be free if I help in the kid's area once a week for 3 hours. The tallies equal themselves out there: free membership but more time away from the house I'd like to keep clean and the family I'd like to be with.

So tell me what you think. Membership? Time in the kid's area? No exercising and only watching tv with cookies and milk? Wanna come exercise me and we can encourage one another?... ZUMBA is a lot of fun! Give me your feedback. Thanks.


Jamie said...

would love to exercise with ya. The kids dont like the daycare but its been awhile so they might be fine now expecially if Elliott was there. I told myself its time to get back into the rhythem! haha

Ashish Jessica and Priya said...

What is Zumba? It sounds fun! I'd love to hear more! :)