Thursday, April 23, 2009

Most Embarrassing Moments

Anna Moseley inspired this blog. Everyone must comment back with their most embarrassing moment and we will all relish in each other's crazy stories.

Here is mine:
So I was 7 to 8 months pregnant and fairly big. I was just wasting time wandering the department stores after Christmas looking at all the discounted junk that we all seem to need in early December when I saw a massage chair. My pregnant body was all for a massage in any form so I waddled over and decided to give it a go. It was one of those portable chairs with just a back and arm rests that would sit against your wall on the floor. After I finally get it set up and get me on the floor to use it, I turn it on and it is fabulous. I'm loving this chair. I lean back, relax and close my eyes to enjoy a free post-holiday massage but suddenly realize I had relaxed a bit too much! Yes, that's right, I peed my pants! Just a small, small bit, but enough for me to take my sweatshirt off and tie it around my waist. OMG, I was so embarrassed. I immediately got up, pushed the chair in the corner, squirted all my purse-size purell on the floor and then lied to a nearby cashier that I "spilled" my purell and it needed to be mopped up. I don't think I went back into the store until after Elliot was born and I no longer had him squeezing my bladder. I was SO embarrassed!

Okay everyone... I told you mine... you tell me yours! Spill the beans!


Amy Culp said...

Ha ha ha!!!! That is awesome! I can't think of one right now...I will have to ask my sisters. One of them will remind me of a good one:) That IS what family is for, right?

Rebecca said...

Oh Pearcia!! Thats halarious!!! Oh man, I know I have one....lets see...well, one that was pretty mortifying at the time..

Sean and I were just married and had gone down to visit his parents..We were sleeping on an air mattress in the family room at his parents' house. I always sleep in pajama pants and tank top. So i woke up to his dad coming out and opening up all the blinds, but what I didn't realize was that during the night my boob had popped out of my tank and was hanging out totally exposed! So I said good morning to him and then looked down and there I was! I about died!!!

Anna said...

That's a good one Pearcia! I don't think that I would have even been that creative to "spill" the Purell--way to think on your feet! Well whoever bought that chair will never have to know. :)

Ashish Jessica and Priya said...

Wow Pearcia! That is definitely embarrassing!!! What a creative solution to the problem! Who knew that Purell had so many uses?! :)