Monday, August 10, 2009

God and Sean Gafner are amazing!!

So today is our first Monday without a meal being provided to us in two weeks. Who knew food could be SUCH a blessing!! (Thanks to Becky and everyone who provided food for us!) So Eric and I are sitting around trying to wrap our minds around cooking and really don't have a clue what to make. Asides from PB&J's, we didn't have the ingredients for much. So we decided to use some of Eric's birthday to eat out. Eric said he felt like eating pizza and that actually sounded good to me, so we start looking for coupons online and in the phonebook. Suddenly, Eric gets a text from Sean asking if we want dinner! Huh?! Ah, sure! And from Sean - of course! He asked if we had any preferances and Eric just said I didn't like spicy food. About an hour later Sean shows up with two home-made PIZZAs!!!! They are by far the BEST pizza's I've ever eaten.

Isn't God crazy? Not only does he provide for our huge financial, physical, and spiritual needs and everyday meets our daily needs, but he even sees fit to meet our whimsical wants for pizza! Why do we ever worry about anything? So thanks to God for being bigger than anything and thanks to Sean for listening to him. You don't know how God has used you in our life.