Sunday, August 16, 2009

I felt the baby kick for the first time tonight!

God is so amazing! We've been bummed that our ultrasound was moved from tomorrow to Sept 9th, over three weeks away, because I've been looking for another connection to the baby. So tonight God let both of us (the baby kicked again for Eric too) feel a kick for the first time! It just makes the joy of having a baby that much more real, instead of focusing on the pains and medical limitations I'm under because I'm pregnant. It was so great to feel s/he. I'm just so happy knowing that s/he is doing okay in there and growing as s/he should be. Praise God for his faithfulness! If you haven't read 2 Samuel 22 lately, read it. It is empowering. I keep trying to just pull out a few verses for you all, but I can't narrow it down. So go ahead and read the whole chapter. Go ahead... I'll wait.

Wasn't that amazing! Don't you feel stronger? More confident? Like you can accomplish anything? Quick, while you still feel this way, go do something you've been dreading and draw on his strength to help get you through to the other side. It's beautiful over here.


sarah said...

That is so is just the beginning of great connection for you guys! Love you :)

Amy Culp said...

I know what you mean about needing that connection to the baby...especially in your situation. Yay for baby movements!!!