Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Elliot's first prayer

As we were putting Elliot to bed tonight we asked if he wanted to pray and he said yes. So we all held hands and closed our eyes and waited for him to pray. Normally about 20 seconds go by of silence until he asked me or Eric to pray instead. Tonight about 10 seconds passed and Eric and I heard:

Lord Jesus, thank you for this food, pray for my dad and my mom and pray for my dad and for my mom and and and pray for night and love you, amen. :)

It was the best moment of being a mom thus far. Pure joy.

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Ali Lipski said...

OH!!! Melts my heart! Alexis still gets shy about praying. Even just with me! She says her little "Now I lay me..." prayer, but I can't wait for her first real prayer!! Way to go Elliot!