Sunday, September 27, 2009

Level 2 Ultrasound Monday 28th

Tomorrow (practically today) will be our level two ultrasound with UC Davis. We check-in at 2:30, our counseling appointment is at 3 and the u/s to look at the heart is at 3:30. For those of you who don't know, at our first u/s they were able to see all four chambers of the heart, but one of the chambers appeared to not be working properly. The doctor said it could be nothing and felt it wasn't necessary to send us down to Davis, but could still be something big enough that we needed this second look.
Please pray for a healthy baby with a healthy heart! My grandmother had five children, one who died at 9 months old because she was born with only two chambers to her heart. We've seen the four chambers which was the most important developmentally, but it still wouldn't be a reach for a heart defect to be genetic.
Please also pray for us as we prepare our hearts for news on either side. Eric and I feel both comfortable and confident that we could raise a child with health issues with no glitch, especially with Eric's childhood experiences and my undergrad focusing in special ed and health... but hearing that YOUR child might be affected with ______ we are assuming isn't really something school or your past can prepare you for and don't want to walk into the appointment naive.
We will let you all know what happens ASAP, in the mean time, please be praying for us, the baby, our support networks (this includes you), and the rest of this pregnancy as it seems to drag on for me.
A quick update on me: we hope for another u/s on my leg sometime in Oct or Nov to let us know what the status of the clot is. Since being covered in prayer for healing for a week straight (quite randomly actually) I haven't felt ANY pain in my leg related to the clot and it hasn't become swollen once. Praise God! We can only assume prayer worked and it's gone, which we hope the u/s will confirm as I get closer to delivery. Unfortunately, they discovered another blood clot on my right hip (clot in leg is on the left) that was apparently caused by the blood thinning injections I receive twice a day. This basically pissed me off b/c I hate the shots. They are making it so I don't clot, but we supposedly hit a vessel one time that started some small internal bleeding b/c I'm not clotting and eventually that ran out of room to bleed out and clotted by default. I now have a hard lump on my lip that is turning the various shades of bruise as the body works to absorb this clot as well. I'm up for my gestational diabetes test this month and covet your prayers that I am in the very small percent that don't get it again. I desperately don't want to add three more needles to my day!!! Other than that, we are chugging along as usual, praising God for our ups and trusting Him with our downs. Thanks to you all who have supported us along the way and to those who have been able to continue to do so. We love you each dearly for this!

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