Monday, November 9, 2009

1st OB at UCD

Okay, so here is the latest update. We went down to UCD Thursday for my first OB. We left early so we could tour the Ronald McDonald House and the Kiwanas House before my appt. They both offered about the same things, but the RMH was half the price (if there was a price at all). That could have settled our decision right then and there, but the KH would allow us to stay there the week before I'm induced since the doctors want me local just in case I go into labor on my own. RMH can't do this because they are a children's organization. I think we are still leaning towards the RMH though because their bedrooms were bigger and would allow for family and friends to stay a night or two on the futons in the room where as the KH had very small bedrooms.

After a quick trip to IKEA, we went to my OB appt where we met a student, a resident, and the big head honcho dr. they each asked their own questions, we heard Arden's heart again (means something so different now that we know what her heart looks like), and spoke with them about more testing. Apparently some of the tests done up here weren't done correctly or they still don't have the results. So they are waiting on Mercy to get all the results to them so they need to know what tests I need to redo and what they can use. They also said that my lightheadedness could be normal in pregnancy... that some woman do pass out (this has only happened twice), but it is usually associated with other health issues with the mom. They are scheduling some testing for me as well.

I also heard back from Arden's cardiologist and she is referring me to Standford so another team can look at the heart so the UCD team isn't the only one looking at the results. I've contacted Stanford and they are in the process of getting my files copied and faxed to them, and coordinating a time for me to come down. Once they have their own echos, all the teams working with us will look at all the results and decide where the best place will be for Arden to be born. We'll let you know more when we do.

One more thing, I just got a call from UCD and they finally got my 3 hour glucose test results and it turns out I'm a Gestational Diabetic again. Oh well. I had a few bites of cheesecake yesterday just incase. Guess that will be it for me. Please keep praying for health all around, for our finances as we are adding more trips to UCD and now to Stanford, and for our marriage. Eric and I have grown closer to each other through this and we want to make sure we are praying against any attacks that could come and try to get us at each other's throats. Thanks again to you all.

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