Tuesday, November 24, 2009

more prayers

I was putting Elliot down for his nap the other day and this is what happened:
Me groaning when I get up off his bed
Elliot: mom, you're belly hurts now?
Me: no sweetie, its my whole body.
Elliot: oh, you feel better soon?
Me: well I'll feel better if you pray for my body.
Elliot: okay mom. night.
Me: sweet dreams.
I start to walk downstairs and hear elliot talking so I pause to see if he is talk to me and hear:
Elliot: Lord Jesus, i pray my moms body feel better and my moms body not hurt anymore. Amen.

It was so sweet I started to cry. He's only ever prayed before meals and sleeping times, never in response to a request. And you know what, I was able to lay down and take a nap while he napped that day. :)

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Amy Culp said...

There is nothing like the sweet faith of a child.