Friday, December 18, 2009

Back on Online

Since I left for the Bay Area, a lot has happened. Now that I'm finally back to myself again, I thought I'd update you all on what happened. I know you've received updates from Eric, Melissa, Juliette, and Renee, and that is good, because to be honest, I don't remember much about the time I was in the hospital.

I was admitted Sunday morning for dehydration and malnutrition. Although, I was eating, my body wasn't processing anything I was eating and after so long, my body just started rejecting the food I was eating. The combination of these (plus a bit of the stomach flu from Elliot probably) sent me into early labor. Praise the Lord we were down in the Bay anyway so I could be admitted to Stanford. They gave me Magnesium Sulfate to calm my muscles and stop the labor. It worked, but man was it awful! I felt like the Sun was inside my body I was so hot. Apparently I was quite out of it as well and looked fairly close to death. Glad to be off the drugs. I was finally released from the hospital Thursday afternoon and have been lying low ever since.

I get to stay at my cousin's house with his family which has proven to be pure entertainment. Eric will show up tomorrow with Elliot (I miss my boys so much!) and we will be at this house for one more night. Then on Sunday we'll be able to get into the RMH, which is great... although when I stopped by today for a quick tour to see what Eric needs to bring and what he needs to leave behind, I was told our housing arrangements were still up in the air a bit. Get this: so we will be staying in the weekend manager's room (room for one person) which is open from Sunday to Friday. They said that if there isn't a place for us to move to by Friday, we will actually have to check out of the RHM and go on the wait list again. He said that when they do that, they obviously don't want to have to check someone out, so we become top priority... but I'm not sure how that matters since no matter everyone is waiting on a doctor to say someone can go home. We decided to go ahead with it b/c it would be a cat-free place for Eric at the very least. It wasn't until I got back to my cousin's that he looked at me and asked: "So if they don't have a place for you they will be kicking you out on Christmas?" Yeah, didn't think about that. So this year for Christmas, we are asking Santa for a room that we can STAY in (and not be kicked out) and will hold all of us. Good grief Charlie Brown!

For now, Arden and I are doing good. My weight is back in the 120's and my blood sugars seems to be more than in control. Tonight I had spaghetti and meat sauce with green beans and I tested at only 107! I'm drinking eggnog now to celebrate. :) Thanks so much to EVERYONE who has supported us through this, we continually have need, but are continually given more than we could even ask for. We are blessed to say the least. As more happens (hopefully nothing too eventful) I will keep you updated.

Please keep praying for us. Eric is finally done with school but still battling with one of his teachers over his grade. He will start his job at my cousin's pizza place at some point once he gets down here and continue to be amazing at supporting his family. Please pray for his stress levels, a place for him to vent if needed, safety on the job as he drives around, and continued support from his friends while we are away. Pray for my health: sugar levels, nutrition, weight, sleep, stress, and anything else that pops in your mind! Elliot has been doing great with his support team up in Redding. Pray for him as he transitions to a new "home", and as my appointments increase that he will still feel the attention and love he needs. As for Miss Arden, we need to be praying that she stays put! None of this early labor nonsense! Continued prayer for her heart as always. The two holes they found in her heart that she had made to alleviate some pressure are getting smaller so that points to more immediate surgery after birth instead of letting her adjust to life out of the womb for a a day or few. The doctor's are saying that I will for sure have a c-section now for predictability sake, and until then, I'll have weekly OB apts and Arden will have weekly echo's to follow her heart's progress. Our next apts are this Monday. If I find out more then, I'll let you know. Thanks once again!

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Amy Culp said...

You and your family are on my heart and in my prayers constantly. Thank you for the update and enjoy your eggnog:)