Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things are not getting better

We had been told that Doctor's wanted Arden to stay close to the hospital because the nature of her current circulatory system is that she will just get more "blue". Since it took SO long for us to get down to the Bay last time they don't feel safe letting Arden go home. So Eric and I arranged for him to stay at the RMH with Arden and for me to head back to Redding with Elliot and to continue working so as to keep my position there. So Eric drove me back to Redding this morning after I held and kissed Arden as much as I could before 8am. We got here and packed up what Eric and Arden will need at the RMH and then drove to my mom's to pick up Elliot. He was THRILLED to see us! We played baseball with him for about an hour and then Eric had to take off back down to the Bay to be with Arden.

When Elliot and I were packing up from Tutu's house, the hospital called me. Yesterday she was moved from CVICU (cardiovascular intensive care unit) to 3 West (an intermediate care unit). Well after we left, her sats (oxygen saturation levels) went back down and they had to give her more oxygen. Her team of doctors decided that it was better if she be moved back down to CVICU for closer monitoring. When her cardiologist called she said that right now they were just watching her but that she might be outgrowing her conduit. She said that Arden is most likely headed towards a cath lab in which they will look at her conduit and probably place a metallic stint in it to keep it open. This will hopefully allow her Glen (her next surgery) to not be moved up and stay in April. Right now her lungs are not mature enough to handle the Glen. That is why her surgery date was set for when she was about 3 1/3 months old. Historically babies do the best after the Glen when they are 3-5 months old. Arden turned 2 months today.

My heart breaks that I'm not there with her. I felt literally nauseous after I got off the phone with the Doctor. But Eric is almost there now to be with her. Her doctor told me on the phone that now that she is back in the CVICU, she doesn't think she will be discharged anytime soon. She said not to hold her to it, but that she'll probably be in the hospital for about a month. So Elliot and I are holding up here waiting to hear more. I work Sunday -Wednesday and the I have the rest of the week off and Elliot and I will probably drive down. My boss has been AMAZING and is still working with me on my schedules so I can be in the Bay as much a possible.

Right now we need to pray for Arden. Pray that her heart is healthy and can get oxygenated blood to the rest of her body efficiently. Pray that if she needs to go to the cath lab, it wouldn't be under emergent circumstances and that it would be at least weeks from now. Pray that her lungs mature and she won't have to have her Glen until they are more than ready for it. Pray that her veins don't clot off at her IV site so she doesn't have to keep getting poked. Pray for her team of doctors as they monitor her and make decisions about her health and future surgeries. Pray that she knows Eric is there and that she doesn't feel alone and that I stop crying when I think about not being there. We know she will be okay, but during these times, it is hard to smile. We SO appreciate all of your prayer and support. Giving Eric and/or I a call sometime with some encouragement would be amazing too.

Again, we'll let you know more when we do.
Pearcia and family

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