Sunday, July 4, 2010

Broken Family

I just got my family back together again and now we are split. Yesterday we had a scary episode with Lady that brought 911 to our home, took us to the local hospital, and ended up flying her back down to Stanford. Now Eric is down there with her while Elliot and I stay at home. She in now on NJ feeds but they are talking about a G tube. She won't stop throwing up and she ended up aspirating fluid into her lungs. Her sats dropped to the 60s and she is on high flow O2 at 8L.

I don't know what to say. Elliot is exaspirated that she is BACK at the hospital and he says he doesn't want her to be there b/c he doesn't want to leave home again. *break my heart!* We've lost our Medi-Cal b/c of timing and us being in the Bay (Arden is covered her first year no matter what, but Elliot and I can't get sick or break an arm!) Although Premier is making us money, with all the added expenses of constantly traveling down to the Bay in gas, food, rent, etc, I don't know what we are going to to. We've stalled WIC so many times I don't think they will renew us next time. My relationship with Eric is strained, to say the least. Elliot is acting out a lot to get ANY attention, with so much being spent on Sister. I'm so tired and pretty depressed. Please pray for each of us. We need it. Thanks

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Erin said...

Pearcia, I periodically read your blog and stumbled upon this entry. I am so sorry to hear about the strain this is putting on your family.

I think I have mentioned before, that my son has a disability and that I can somewhat understand the frequent trips to the hospital. But I also wanted to talk to you about a program that you and your family might qualify for. Unfortunately, when your child is born with complications, nobody hands you a book of available programs that can help with expenses, and keep your family sane. If you would like to, you can contact me on facebook. My name is Erin Warkentin.

Or you can email me:

I would LOVE to help if I could!