Wednesday, June 23, 2010

down side to free internet:

When using the internet at Stanford I can't log into my blog b/c apparently the content of blogs can't be monitored so it is considered "not child friendly" and therefore blocked. The internet at RMH is limited to when I can pick up the connection or when their internet room is open and I'm here. Hence the blog silence. I actually came here a few times and posted updates, only to be kicked off the site due to whatever with nothing saved... My frusteration at the lost time and energy just kept me away longer. Sorry!

To sum up June, it's been very hard. We've been dealing with Arden withdrawing from her meds, not eating, our family being separated once again, and again, and again, and more. Now, Eric and Elliot are home (it was Eric's father's day present to go home and get out of the RMH) and I am at the hospital with Lady. She is still there, but there is rumor of discharge the end of THIS WEEK! We don't know if it will be to RMH or home yet. I am praying for home, but I don't want to rush her recovery b/c I don't want her de-sating again and flown down here b/c we took her home too soon. Currently she isn't eating and being fed entirely by her NG tube. She'll take her pacifier and sucks on her fingers, but I believe she's associated eating with heart burn and puking and so she just doesn't. It will be something we will just have to push through. She is regulating her temp better, I'm praying the heat in Redding won't be too much for her!! We are getting discharged on a nebulizer for her, that is new, but will help her lungs.

Eric feels out of place at home since he's lived at RMH so long, Elliot has reached the end of his rope with our family not being together and cries more, and Lady and I are ready to get out of the hospital! Emotions rage from raw to jaded at this point, but the thought of discharge thrills me! I'll try to post again, but I don't know what access will look like. Will definitely write something when we get out, but I don't want to spend too much time here in case I kicked off again. :)

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Amy Culp said...

We are praying for you and Lady and Elliot and Eric...that you will have renewed energy and increased peace. You are stronger than you realize and I am so humbled by your faith.