Monday, May 31, 2010

A new week

This week needs to be good, because I am leaving Thursday for a marathon of shows, and my heart won't be able to leave if Arden isn't doing good. Today we heard in morning rounds that her BUN and crit numbers are high (these are in relation to her kidneys.) She's been on so many diuretics for so long, stress on the kidneys isn't uncommon, but definitely not desired! As we speak, little Reagan is struggling with her kidneys with MUCH higher numbers that they were actually talking about dialysis! Pray neither of the girls get to that point!

I finally got the Dr's to pull out her OJ (the feeding tube running from her mouth to her intestins) b/c she would gag and then throw up. I wasn't too concerned about her throwing up b/c babies throw up - but it was getting to the point that it would upset her for at least a 1/2 hour while the nurses cleaned her and her bed up. She was using so much energy in the process that she wasn't gaining weight. Now she has only thrown up when the dr's increase the amount of food she is getting. She does good at 15mLs/hour but the full feeds of 27 and even just 20 make her throw up. She they've upped her calories from 24 cal/oz to 26. We'll see how she does.

She got both her central lines out which mean we can hold her, but she still has her drainage tube in which is severely irritating. So we've both held her, but she seems to do better when she is on her bed. Hold her moves her around which is good for her and gets more drainage out as well, but getting more drainage out keeps the tube in longer. This stinks b/c she is uncomfortable longer, but I tell myself that the fluid would be in her anyways, so this is just getting it out faster. I don't know if that is actually how it works, but it makes me feel better when I hold her.

My mom took Elliot yesterday so Eric and I could have some time with Lady together. Then I'll travel back to Redding for the shows on Thursday, back down here on Sunday or Monday for an event Eric and I have been asked to speak at, and back up to Redding for more shows and hopefully by the time the next weekend is up and my others shows are over, Eric will just get to bring Lady back up to Redding and Elliot and I won't have to travel back down.

Thank you for your continued prayer over health, timing, unity, finances, insurance, and whatever God is leading you to pray for. We'd love to hear what you hear back from Him on these matters and more! Thanks!

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