Monday, May 17, 2010

Are you kidding me?!

So I'm listening to morning rounds today and they are summing where Arden is at and move on tot talking about the goals for the day and suddenly they talk about wanting to extabate her. Last we heard it would probably be sometime at the end of the week... and they are talking about weening her today and getting her extabated tomorrow morning! OMG! Seriously!? I'm so excited and kinda nervous and anxious and terrified at the same time. Getting extabated would be a huge step forward. Other steps forward are the drainage tubes that were removed today - one b/c it wasn't putting out anything and the other b/c the insertion site was, well, gross. :) So I'm praying that either the tube would have stopped draining today anyway or if there is still some fluid, the body reabsorbs it so they don't have to put in another drainage tube. I'm also praying for the drainage tube sites b/c they were all red and irritated and she still has one more tube in. So back to the breathing, she is being weened on her PEEP (basically the pressure support of the breaths) one every hour. She was at 8 today and they want her at 6 tonight so they can do a trial run of her breathing on her own around midnight. Our PEEP is around 5-6 so she is already at a low level, but the last time they tried all her numbers looked good but she just couldn't handle it. They are hoping with her sats better this time she will do better. Pray for a successful practice tonight and extabation tomorrow!

Reagan continues to hit bumps in the road. Not only was she diagnosed with H flu (not H1N1) a few days ago, she was diagnosed with another type of flu today. Check out for details. Her Daddy and Brother had to go back home today, so it's just her Mommie, Mimi, and PawPaw her with her. We know - a family split up is never fun. Be praying for each of them too please.

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