Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

For Mother's Day I asked Arden to give me a drama-free day. She did a great job today. They took more chest x-rays (I swear that girl is going to be glowing by the time she is five) and said her lung looks much better! One of the cardiology fellows even did a little dance when he walked in and saw her sats today. I love that the doctors and nurses are so dedicated here that they dance when a patient does well. He sats today were in the 70s and 80s all day long. She is on an oscillator which has her breathing at over 100 breaths a minute, but this not only super oxygenates her lungs, it helps shake any junk in her lungs loose to be suctioned out too. They usually don't use this on Glenn babies, but Arden seems to excel with it. They are hoping to ween her from, transfer her back to the ventilator and then extabate... the timing on this is unknown though. Her last x-ray came back today saying that the upper right side of her lung is still not as open as they would like, so they will keep her on the oscillator until they are happy with the images. I am praying for her little body to recover as quickly as possible so she can get off the machines and meds!

Elliot gave me some wonderful crafts made at the RMH. A flower pot that he would paint a spot of color and then cover it with a sticker, some hand prints - one of which he wanted to be dirty so he put dirt in the paint, and a card with an abstract painting on the front. :) Us mom's swoon at things like this! :) So silly. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

All in all, I think my mother's day was okay. Spent time with each of my children, ate BBQ at RMH, had a fun dinner with family (thanks Julie!), folded some laundry, cleaned poop off the floor, unclogged a toilet by reaching my hand in the bowl to pull out the paper towels Elliot put down there when he tried to clean the poop himself, and watched the Incredibles. I could think of lots of things that could have made today better, like Arden being out of the hospital, our family being at home, or spending time with friends playing games... but given the circumstances, I think today was pretty good. I love my family. Happy mother's day everyone!

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