Monday, May 10, 2010

ARden is still critical

Although Arden's sats are still in the 80s and 70s, her sats in her head are in the 30s and she's desated a few times as well. Dr's aren't sure what is going. They say that she doesn't like anything that they are doing and probably just wants to go home. :) Well Amen sister, but we have to get you stable and healthy first! She is still on the oscillator and they need to get her off this. There is lots of talk on sending her to the cath lab to really look at the Glenn but there are also a lot of concerns about this as well. She is not yet stable (Dr said the majority of the patients that go to cath are sick and that is the purpose of the cath so although this is scary for us as parents, this is something as doctors they do all the time), in order to go to cath she has to be breathing ok on the ventilator for a few hours which means they have to ween her off the oscillator quicker than normal, she also was positive on her fluids yesterday instead of being negative like planned. This means she is taking in/on more fluids that she is draining/peeing out. So they've moved her to an aggressive diuretic schedule with a drip of lasix, a bolus of diurell every 6 hours and a one time dose of their "last resort" med. They also can't find the balance she needs of O2 and cO2. She does better when she is a bit acidosis (higher cO2) but if she gets too high, she starts to lose the desire to breath in. So please pray for a balance here, for her to lose fluid like crazy, and for her little body and will to hold everything together. Again I find myself in a strange place of trust and worry combined. My faith is strong, but my flesh is weak. Pray for us as well. Today a child life specialist will be stopping by to make an appointment to meet with Elliot to talk with him about everything going on with his sister. Prayer for his understanding and character is welcome as well. Thanks so much! Heading back to see my girl so Eric can be will Elliot and he can hopefully nap.

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