Monday, May 10, 2010

How about some pictures!

Me trying to get a picture in the mirror. :)

Elliot's "crazy hair" after a shower :)

Arden after her bath - she LOVES the water!

Us getting ready to go eat. Don't mind the messy room :)

This is Arden the day of surgery at 5:45am! She is just so full of smiles!

Sleeping with Daddy before the Glenn

Meds right after surgery

Arden 24 hours out of surgery

Elliot at Tylor's little league game (gotta keep life going for him!)

I think it's just a bit too big. :) Daddy loved that he was so excited about baseball!

Elliot painting his hands for mother's day crafts at RMH

This is Elliot saying "ta-da!" at pouring all the dirt in the pot that overflowed a lot as you can see on the volunteer's face.

Pretty's from Elliot for mother's day

Oscillator and NO she is on after she coded

Arden as of 5/10, sedated, paralyzed, on lots of meds and on the oscillator. Poor girl!

My aunt Julie took us out to dinner for mother's day. So fun and yummy! thanks!

I will post more pictures as time passes, but I wanted to make sure to get SOME out there. Thanks for the prayers and support once again!

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Sarah and Will Carver said...

It breaks my heart to see Arden like that with all her tubes. I know it's even harder for you, I think of you guys often and pray daily for Arden. Praying the docs can find a good, stable balance for sweet Arden and get her on the right path.