Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last night and this morning

I'm just going to copy and past from facebook so I can hurry up and get to the hospital:

10pm last night:

testing testing one two three... Arden is now on CPAP. The vent to breath for her is off and will only turn back on if she doesn't breath on her own. She is being tested over the next hour to see how she tollerates the work before tomorrow's possible extabation. Praying for her to do well! Go God Go! Go Arden Go!


According to her nurse: "Arden did very good" Yeah! For a whole hour she was breathing on her own and kept all her numbers where they wanted them. She might do another test in the morning around 8 the nurse guessed. The Dr's tonight seemed wary about extabating tomorrow morning but the day shift seemed more confident.... We'll see what they say when they get there tomorrow and reevaluate. :)

This morning:

She's just about to finish her second test now and is still doing very good. Our nurse is going to take a few more blood gases to see how her levels are doing and Dr's are thinking they will extabate before 12. She is off the fentanyl drip so she will be more alert and has started withdrawal meds. Could today be the day?

Keep up the prayers! Thanks so much!

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