Saturday, October 11, 2008

Smarter than he looks

So I know that I've been posting about potty training a lot, but that is pretty much my world right now... Today, Elliot connected that everytime he goes potty in the toilet, he gets a treat. So today, we had two incidents of Elliot going potty just long enough for the sensors on the toilet to recognize he'd gone and play his reward music, and him getting a treat. Then he's sit back down and go a bit more for more treats, and then again and again and again... I figure as long as he's connecting that is where he is supposed to go, I'll give him the treats. And according to Eric, it's pretty hard for a boy to stop going once he's started, so I figure it a whole other skill he's learning! :) It's just so funny to watch him run back and forth from the bathroom to the kitchen over and over again.

Also, he's started to show some signs of being like me. (It's about time since he looks nothing like me!) When we are eating, if he spills anything on the table, he wants a napkin so he can clean it up. Then he cleans his hands and gives the napkin back. And yesterday I got the vacuum at and he got so excited, squeeling and clapping that I was going to vacuum. He stood next to me and pushed the vacuum around for a bit. I love it! If he has anything of mine, I'd love for it to be my cleaning! Yahoo!

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