Sunday, November 16, 2008

I wanna be like Zeke

Have you ever read through the Gospels and realized how many times the disciples were "amazed" or "in awe" when they listened to Jesus, or when they watched Jesus, or when they interacted with Jesus? I've often thought how stupid that is. I mean, come on! You're with God! He can do ANYTHING! How many times do you have to see a miracle before you can just know that God rocks and expect that God will rock? Good grief guys - what is it going to take to get it through your heads?

Well, this morning I realized that the disciples actually had it right-on and that I'd allowed myself to become jaded to His specific, but all-encompassing magnificence. Each time the disciples saw God in action, they were filled with a humility that put life into perspective where as I just give God a high-five for being cool. The disciples, with each awe-struck moment, spiritually got on their knees and recognized the worship that Jesus deserved where as I rarely see the awe in moments at all anymore. How lame am I?

I want to change the way I approach God. I adore the intimate friendship I have with him but I can't forget that I am with God! He can do ANYTHING! And that every time I get to witness him at work, it is AWESOME! He ROCKS! He can turn the colors of the leaves to purple!

Thanks to Zeke for being amazed with each side of a leaf that is bigger than your face. You rock too.

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