Sunday, November 30, 2008

To be happy or not to be happy

So Elliot is pretty much potty-trained. He'll only go in his pants when we've been out in the car too long without letting him go, or if Eric and I are fighting - which is great incentive to not fight! (Not that we fight a lot, but you know what I mean.) So here we are all proud of our son, happy we aren't buying diapers as much, and pretty amazed at the whole thing. This is a good thing, right? Well in the last three days during either a nap or bed time, he's pulled off his pants (good to know he can do that now!) and figured out how to take off his diaper (which he still wears when he sleeps) and pees on his bed or OUT his bed onto the floor! OMG! It's really frustrating! It's weird through because he keeps telling us what he did and is really kinda sad that it's happened. So we think he is trying to be really good and NOT go potty in his pants like we've told him. We think he's taking off his pants but there is no potty around, so he just goes there.... but it's not in his pants, so it's okay right? How do I explain this to a 22 month old? Good grief! Just in case anyone else has gone through this, we'd love some input! :)


Amy said...

Put him in a onesie while he sleeps, I did it with Bailee because she took her diapers off, too. They have a harder time with the snaps on a onesie. Let me know if it works out.

Ashish Jessica and Priya said...

I am not looking forward to the potty training phase of life. I'm sorry that it's been a challenge. But it sounds like you are handling it really well! Keep up the great work! I like Amy's idea about the onsie. I'll have to remember that in about 8 months or so when it's Priya's turn... :)

Erica said...

It's amazing what they will do to try and make you happy. Crazy. Both of my kids would do similar things. Like trying to hide undies and then changing into clean undies so I wouldn't know. Every kid is so different. The only advise I have is continue to give tons of positive reinforcement when he does what you want him to do. Talk to him calmly and lovingly about what you don't want him to do. Make the talks quick and no big deal. Above all remind yourself, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Out of all the crazy things I have done in rearing my kids. Potty training is the hardest and worst. So take heart. It can't get any worse. Haha.